Tuesday 16 January 2018

Right2Water campaigners 'on verge of victory'

Sligo Right2Water campaigners participate in Saturday’s national protest
Sligo Right2Water campaigners participate in Saturday’s national protest

Sorcha Crowley

Water charges protesters from Sligo and across the State marched in Dublin on Saturday, in what has been described as the "final push" to have the charges abolished.

Councillor Declan Bree told The Sligo Champion:"We are on the verge of one of the most historic decisions to be taken by an Irish Parliament since the foundation of the state.

"Thanks to the sustained pressure exerted by the people through the Right2Water campaign, last years general election resulted in almost 70% of the electorate voting for parties and candidates opposed to water charges.

"Last week the Oireachtas Committee on Water in its draft Final Report recommended the abolition of water charges, the end of the metering programme, refunds for all who have paid and it also provides for a referendum to keep our water resource in public ownership.

"However the Fine Gael leadership is still reluctant to concede defeat and accept the will of the people.

"Saturday's demonstration served as a reminder that we won the argument when over 90 anti-water charges T.D.'s were elected and when the Oireachtas Committee agreed with us.

"If Fine Gael thinks it can now subvert democracy and ignore the will of the people it will do so at its peril," said Cllr Bree. "The Government has no option but to respect the democratic view of the people," he added.

Sligo Champion

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