Sunday 18 February 2018

Revenue: It's up to the owners to value house

Revenue chairwoman Josephine Feehily
Revenue chairwoman Josephine Feehily

REVENUE MAY have placed your house in a valuation band for the purposes of levying the property tax.

But it's up to house owners themselves to value their own property.

That's a key message from the chairperson of the Revenue Commissioners, Josephine Feehily, pictured.

She said: "The property owner must decide the market value of his or her property.

"Revenue is not valuing individual properties.

"We don't know your house – what size it is or what condition it's in.

"We are providing guidance to assist property owners in self-assessing the value of their property."

And she pointed out that if a person's property has unique features, is smaller or larger than the average for the area, is in a significantly poor state of repair or has exceptional features, the person should factor those in when self-assessing the value band.

A range of payment options are available, including phased payments.

The options include:

• Single Debit Authority; (debited on 21 July)

• Deduction at source from a salary or occupational pension;

• Deduction at source from certain payments received from the Department of Social Protection or the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

• Direct Debit (debited from 15 July)

• Debit/Credit Card online;

• Cash payments and over the counter Debit/Credit Card payments through three payment service providers, An Post, Payzone or Omnivend

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