Wednesday 21 March 2018

Regeneration: the story so far in Cranmore revamp

Residents are fed up waiting for regeneration, says Sue Mahon but by the same token, she says the Masterplan Process whereby the overall plan was discussed with the community was 'always going to take time.'

In fact it took three years in total from 2013 to 2016. The Cranmore Masterplan was then adopted by the members of Sligo County Council on 5th September, 2016.

In welcoming the report the members made reference to the fact that it was first mooted in 2001 and put Cranmore into context in terms of its size of 500 houses compared to other towns in the County with far less population. The members acknowledged the vast amount that had been done to get to this point .

A particular reference was made to the consultation process which was carried out with residents and a host of agencies. It was acknowledged that Cranmore and Environs was now a very different place to what it was 12 years ago and that people on the housing list have now expressed a preference to live there.

Some families are trying to get back to Cranmore while others have moved in recently from as far afield as Congo.

€24 m has been invested in Cranmore over 12 years while a further €19.4m has been earmarked for future projects. The Masterplan is now at implementation phase with a dedicated team being put in place to deliver the various elements of the plan.

Under the heading of the physical works the following are the priority projects :

•Upgrade of CCTV system

•Thermal upgrade to houses and Environmental improvements

•Creation of new pedestrian link at Joe Mc Donnell Drive

•Construction New Community Facility

At this point, discussions have been initiated with stakeholders in the projects, project plans are being prepared and procurement options are being considered and progressed.

While on the social side of things, down through the years there have been many initiatives which have contributed to building a vibrant community spirit on Cranmore Estate

The following Strategies in the Masterplan are being prioritised:

•Education and learning

•Employment and Training

•Health and Wellbeing

•Community Safety & Housing Management Strategy

•Family support

•Sport and Recreation

The Cranmore Regeneration Masterplan Project aims to transform the social, economic and physical landscape of the Cranmore area through collaborative long-term strategic planning, investment of resources and urban regeneration.

The aim is to tackle the inherent problems - physical, social and economic and identify potential strategic interventions in the Masterplan area to facilitate this regeneration.

The Regeneration initiative is planned in the context of the East City area.

Sligo Champion