Tuesday 12 December 2017

Protests continue over water meters

Beverly Wallace at the water meter protests in Grange
Beverly Wallace at the water meter protests in Grange

Emma Gallagher

As contractors GMC Sierra are installing water meters across Sligo city and county, many householders are continuing to protest across the region.

Demonstrations have taken place in Cartron, Cranmore, Rusheen Ard and more recently, Grange.

Billy Wallace has been living in the Courthouse Drive estate in the town for seven years.

Along with his family and some fellow residents, they decided to hold a peaceful protest on Tuesday.

He said: "The guys from Irish Water came in early at 7.15am.

"We tried to prevent them installing some meters, but they managed to get a few done."

He added that residents were not given any notification from Irish Water that the meters were being installed on that day.

He added: "We protested until 7.30pm. Councillor Seamus O'Boyle came from 7am until 12pm.

"A few others came from Sligo too.

"Some residents put their cars over where the meters were meant to go."

Later that afternoon, a worker from Irish Water delivered a letter of apology to residents saying that they should have been given a 14 day notice.

Billy added: "They said that we would get a two week reprieve.

"It was a peaceful protest, I was doing it because this is coming out of my wages.

"My wife, Eileen works ten hours a week and we have three children and a grandchild living with us.

"I am paying levies as it is and it is getting tougher and tougher.

"We took it upon ourselves to demonstrate against these charges," Billy, who works with the HSE, added.

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