Monday 18 December 2017

Politicians need prayers - Bishop

Constant prayer will defeat campaign for abortion says Bishop

Bishop Kevin Doran
Bishop Kevin Doran

The Bishop of Elphin Kevin Doran has called on people to pray at least once a week in order to defeat what he says is the campaign for abortion.

He said political strategies would not work alone and he called also for prayers for politicians and healthcare professionals in "these challenging times" that they have "the courage and the wisdom to live up to their responsibilities to protect life."

The Bishop made the remarks during his Homily at midday Mass in Sligo Cathedral on Sunday to mark Day for Life Sunday.

He said: "The attitude that would suggest that human life is disposable or that some lives are of no value, has its roots in the spirit of evil.

"For that reason, I believe that the campaign to legalise abortion will not be defeated by political strategies alone. It requires constant prayer. Today I am asking people throughout our diocese, even if it has not been your practice up to now, to consider committing to spend one hour each week in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, or to come together with your neighbours or friends to pray the rosary once a week, specifically for the intention of the protection of life and for the needs of women who are experiencing difficulty in pregnancy."

Bishop Doran also stated: "It is more difficult to understand how some politicians and healthcare professionals can justify to themselves their promotion of abortion. Politicians are more immediately removed from the personal "crisis" that provokes the choice of abortion and their particular remit is to serve the common good, which includes the good of all.

"Doctors and nurses have a more detailed scientific knowledge of unborn human life and cannot be in any doubt that the unborn child is a unique human being who has already embarked on the path of life. Obviously, healthcare professionals and politicians come under significant pressure at times like this.

"Sometimes, like the rest of us, they make choices on the basis of a misguided compassion.

"We must always speak out courageously against unjust laws and practices which conflict with the right to life, but it is not our place as Christians to condemn anyone. I invite you instead to pray especially for politicians and healthcare professionals in these challenging times, that they may have the courage and the wisdom to live up to their responsibilities to protect life while at the same time respecting women."

He pointed out it was 50 years this year since legalisation of abortion in England.

He added: "How many babies have been aborted because people wanted to cling to their own agenda (my plans, my reputation, my social life, my absolute right to control my body). How many more have died because their mothers felt lonely and afraid, rather than supported by their partners, their families, their friends and their society. or for our society?"

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