Saturday 20 July 2019

Planning is granted for extension to Sligo University Hospital

HSE Estates have secured planning permission for a five storey extension to Sligo University Hospital.

Planning permission has been granted for the construction of two new 23 bedroom wards connecting into the existing hospital concourse at Level 3 and 4.

The extension also provides additional healthcare space at Level 5 and 6 and is supplemented with additional car parking spaces for the campus with a multi-storey car parking area off Ash Lane.

The design of the extension presents itself as two separate but inter-connecting structures. A tall "infill" block consolidates the existing building line and building height along

The Mall, while a second, lower block breaks this building line, extending outwards and over the out-patients carpark, resulting in a more human scale, pavilion-like addition to the hospital campus, nestled behind the mature tree line at the boundary to The Mall.

The tall infill block links the 1970's and 1990's buildings together through the use of brick material set out in the consistent pattern in keeping with the structural grid of the concrete 1970's building. The trees along The Mall will be framed by the floor to ceiling glazed windows, to create a beautiful vista for patients.

This development is in response to the Health Service Capacity Review completed in 2018 which noted that hospital occupancy levels have been persistently high for many years and need to be addressed. The new ward block would also address demand arising from increasing emergency attendances and admissions now and in the future as the population grows and ages.

Rhatigan Architects who designed the project welcomed the decision. Director, Ian Pudney said "We are delighted that this project has secured planning permission. It will enhance the hospital campus and integrate seamlessly with the tree lined street of The Mall to create a new landmark at this gateway to the town."

Sligo Champion