Thursday 20 June 2019

Patient sees heart procedure cancelled for the fourth time

A patient has had a heart procedure cancelled for the fourth time.

The case has been taken up by Fianna Fáil TD Eamon Scanlon who has urged the Minister for Health and his Department to examine their policies when rescheduling procedures.

Last week, the patient was awaiting a procedure in Galway University Hospital to replace heart stents and had their date changed at the last minute resulting in significant disruption to both the patient and his family, said Deputy Scanlon.

This was the fourth time the procedure had been rescheduled.

"The approach by the HSE, in cancelling appointments at the last minute, in Galway University Hospital is causing much inconvenience to my constituents.

"In the first instance, replacing heart stents is major surgery and the knock-on health affects due to a delay must be considered.

"Secondly, patients and their families book time off work, reserve hotel rooms adjacent to the hospital, and mentally prepare themselves for time spent in hospital.

"All of this is undone without any consideration by the bureaucracy that controls the HSE. In this particular case it has happened four times.

"The Minister for Health and his Department must look at the approach they take to informing those waiting on procedures, consider the impact rescheduling at the last minute has on families, certainly not repeatedly cancelling procedure dates, and introduce a minimum time out from their appointment that the HSE must abide by for rescheduling surgery dates.

"Only with these changes will some fairness and respect be brought to families," concluded Deputy Scanlon.

Sligo Champion