Wednesday 24 January 2018

Outbreak contained after two Cregg House deaths

A RESPIRATORY illness outbreak at Cregg House, which claimed the lives of two patients who had other underlying conditons, has been contained.

Some 40 residents at Cregg House contracted the mild respiratory illness, the majority of whom have recovered fully while a small number are being monitored closely.

The illness can pose a risk to patients who have underlying illnesses.

Two patients with other underlying illnesses have died and the HSE has expressed sincere sympathy to the family and friends of the residents.

The symptoms include a cough and slightly raised temperature.

An outbreak control team has been working on the matter since December 7th and there has been no new cases of infection for the past five days.

If this continues over the weekend the outbreak will be declared over next Monday.

Dr. Anthony Breslin, North West Public Health said: "This is usually a mild illness but unfortunately in people with other medical conditions it can lead to additional infections such as pneumonia.

"The HSE is providing advice and support to the management of Cregg House to ensure they can take all possible action to reduce the spread of the illness.

"It is essential that all visitors to Cregg House follow all of the infection control measures that are in place during the outbreak."

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