Wednesday 19 June 2019

Next reverse decision to close Sligo store

Next. Pic: Donal Hackett
Next. Pic: Donal Hackett

The news that Next is to remain open in Sligo is 'very positive' for retail in the area, according to Finbarr Filan of Sligo BID.

Next announced last week that the store would not be closed, after it the news broke in Feburary that the shop would close in June.

"It's very positive for the staff of Next, for Quayside Shopping Centre and for retail in Sligo," Filan told The Sligo Champion.

"We have over 30 women's fashion outlets in Sligo, and next are an anchor tenant in Quayside so we are delighted that they are staying."

There was widespread relief at the news, but Finbarr says people must shop local if they want more stores to come to Sligo, and indeed to remain open.

"If people want stores to stay open in the area, it is important that they shop locally as opposed to shopping online.

"In the life cycle of business, businesses open and shut. It's normal. Businesses come to the end of their cycle.

"If one or two shops close it is not the end of the world."

Filan says it is normal for shops to close, and encourages people to have a more long term view for Sligo, after concerns were raised recently when shops closed.

"My family have been trading in the Castle Street area for 50 years. Of the 27 businesses there, only Enda Horan is there longer. Shops have opened and shops have closed.

"It's important that we have a longer term view. In three years time we will have more shops open. We need to move away from the panic. Remember, we have more physical premises in Sligo than we need.

"We have to move away from short-term thinking and move to long-term thinking.

"Sligo is lucky to be included as a growth centre for 2014. We need to think towards that kind of timeline. It will be a period of gradual growth.

"If 300 jobs come in, it is the equivalent of 3,000 jobs in Dublin.

"That will be deemed a success. We might lose some jobs along the way."

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