Friday 20 September 2019

New Sligo LCDC in place

Councillor Chris MacManus
Councillor Chris MacManus

Councillor Chris MacManus has been appointed Chairperson of the Sligo Local Development Committee (LCDC) following the establishment of the new Council post the 2019 Local Elections.

The post of vice-chair was assumed by Hugh MacConville, Trade Union Pillar rep to the LCDC, following the resignation of the outgoing vice-chair Mr. Seán Tempany.

The LCDC and its sub committees have a busy work programme of oversight of funding and collaborative development in the community sector. In particular, its role as approver of the LEADER fund places it at the centre of promotion of local community development. The Local Government Reform Act of 2014 bestowed particular responsibility on local government to provide strategic leadership at local level, with the establishment of the committees.

LCDCs have primary responsibility for the planning and oversight of local development spends by local authorities on behalf of the State or by other local development agencies and structures and have brought a new collaborative approach which is reflected in the framework set out in the Local Economic Community Planning process. The Sligo LCDC was established in July 2014 and committee is made up of representatives from the local government and local development sectors, public bodies and representatives of social, economic, environmental and community interests.

Cllr MacManus reiterated his own commitment to ensure the LCDC will continue to work in partnership with local stakeholders and the local community to ensure Sligo continues to benefit from national and EU resources targeting social inclusion, community and rural development.

"This collaboration will go a long way towards achieving the Local Economic & Community Plan's overarching vision for the County as 'An enterprising, inclusive, resilient and environmentally sustainable place which values and celebrates its unique landscape and rich culture and heritage and where the wellbeing of future generations is central to everything we do."

Sligo Champion