Thursday 18 July 2019

New respite service for carers

Confirmation has been received of the start of a new respite service for carers in March of this year.

The withdrawal of respite services for carers throughout Sligo and Leitrim has been a source of stress and hardship for carers for almost three years.

"The closure of the Solas Respite Centre which left hard pressed families providing 24 hour care for loved ones with no chance of a much needed break," stated Cllr Thomas Healy.

"We organised a campaign group, held pickets and marches, we met with the Minister in Dublin and had motions adopted by Sligo County Council.

"I am absolutely delighted for the families affected that the HSE has finally confirmed that the service will be restored under the Rehab Care Services and is due to open in March. It will be based in Tullaghan in a H.S.E owned building.

"Following years of delays and attempts to move the service to County Monaghan I am delighted to see a successful outcome to the campaign, I will be liaising closely with the families affected to ensure that the service is comprehensive and appropriate to their needs.

"I want to thank and acknowledge John Doyle and the committee of Our Voice-Their Future and the families who stood up and campaigned for their loved ones and indeed for families in the future who will depend on these services."

Sligo Champion