Sunday 17 December 2017

New property tax to range from €250 to €400 in Sligo

THE GOVERNMENT'S property tax due to be introduced next July will range from €250 to €400 a year, a public meeting in Sligo was told.

United Left Alliance T.D. Joan Collins told the meeting in the Glasshouse Hotel that the tax, which will replace the Household charge, would increase significantly in the following years.

She said: "Everywhere anger against the inequality and injustice of the present economic system is exploding.

"Every day more and more people are joining the resistance against austerity which is clearly not working."

Sligo Councillor Declan Bree told the meeting: "People cannot and will not pay the debts of bankers and property developers.

"The household charge is essentially an interim measure that will be replaced by a fully fledged property tax on the family home in the forthcoming budget.

"The household charge and the property tax on the family home are being imposed at the behest of the EU and IMF who insist that the monies raised by the tax will be used to pay off the private debts of the speculators, the developers, the bankers and the bondholders – the very people who have brought our country to the edge of ruin."

Dr Brian O'Boyle who also addressed the meeting said: "The Troika never had any interest in helping the Irish people – they only wanted to shore up a dysfunctional EU financial system.

"They are crippling Irish society and we should no longer suffer."

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