Sunday 21 January 2018

New centre for issuing licences

Paul Deering

DRIVERS looking to renew their licences will have a new office to go to from this Friday.

Drivers looking to renew their licences will have a new office to go to from this Friday.

Driving licence applications will no longer be accepted at the Motor Tax Office at Cleveragh Retail park.

A new National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) will operate from Millennium House in Stephen Street, Sligo.

Managed by the Road Safety Authority, the NDLS will have 34 centres nationwide.

A spokesperson said the new service would deliver an improved customer focused, modern, state-of-the-art service for drivers.

It is estimated that 95% of the population will be within 50km of one of the new centres.

Drivers can now visit any one of the 34 centres nationwide to apply for their licence or learner permit. Customers are no longer restricted to going to their local centre.

The new centres will open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and will not close for lunch.

It will also open from 9am to 2pm on Saturdays.

A feature of the new service is the requirement for drivers to apply for their learner permit or driving licence in person.

This is part of a new security process aimed at combating fraud and keeping illegal and unlicensed drivers off the roads.

In January of this year, Ireland switched from paper licences to plastic credit card sized licences and learner permits.

The fees for a driving licence and learner permit are unchanged.

A ten year licence will cost €55, a three-year licence will cost €35 and a one-year licence will be €25.

The cost of a learner permit remains €35.

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