Monday 22 January 2018

N17 Curry junction is 'death trap': Cllrs

A junction off the N17 into Curry village has been described as a "death trap".

Councillors Paul Taylor and Martin Baker together tabled a motion asking the County Council to address the current danger at the Southern Junction to Curry Village off the N17.

They said it was due to the concerns of many people in the area.

"It's a death trap at the moment in my mind," said Cllr Taylor. "There are people turning right and have a great fear in doing so," he added.

Cllr Martin Baker said it was "a very busy road" and was a "serious issue."

"I'm hoping that it's taken seriously before there's a fatality," he told the March County Council meeting.

Senior Engineer Tom Brennan said any decision on funding for that spot this year would be based on a list of High Collision locations due to be published by Transport Infrastructure Ireland towards the end of this month.

"Road Design will evaluate the location in question following the publication of this list," he said.

Sligo Champion

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