Sunday 17 December 2017

Message from Gaza to Rosses Point children

Emma Gallagher

THEY came in their hundreds to protest on Rosses Point beach against the slaughter in Gaza.

Photographer Brian Farrell took the images of the children who travelled, not only from Sligo, but across Ireland for the make the point event.

The pictures featured prominently both in local and national media circles and they have also reached Gaza.

A woman living in the war-torn region got in touch with Brian with a heartfelt message to the children.

Lina Khalid said that the images gave her hope amid the crisis.

She added: "Four Palestinian children of the same age as the children in these photos were killed by Israeli planes when they were playing at a beach in Gaza...the photos remind me of the story of them."

Lina continued: "I wish I could say thanks to all parents of these kids.. they are teaching their kids to stand with fairness from now on."

Brian said that he was overwhelmed with the crowd who turned up at the demonstration.

He added: "We counted 320 children and around 70 adults.

"It was great. They came from all over, a couple sailed from Clare to take part. Lina got in touch through Facebook. It was a boost and it shows what you can achieve by things like this.

"The people in Gaza who saw the photos said that it meant so much.

"It meant that we were not working in a vacuum, there was a direct response to the images."

Sligo Champion

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