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Margaret says a big 'thank you' to healthcare staff


Margaret Killoran during her stay in hospital, still smiling

Margaret Killoran during her stay in hospital, still smiling

Margaret Killoran during her stay in hospital, still smiling

The family of a Tubbercurry woman who has recovered from Covid-19 have praised the healthcare workers who helped her fight off the virus.

Margaret Killoran tested positive three weeks ago for Covid-19 and she was cared for in Medical South in Sligo University Hospital. Due to the ongoing global pandemic no visitors are allowed into the hospital, meaning that Margaret's family were unable to be by her side leaving her isolated, frightened and alone.

Margaret and her family say they are forever 'indebted' to the staff who helped her to feel comfortable during her three week stay in the hospital. The staff in Medical South were so kind and caring towards her from when she tested positive, until she fought off the virus, that Margaret and the Killoran family said they will be forever grateful.

"They are absolutely amazing," the family told The Sligo Champion.

"We will never forget them and what they did for Margaret. The people of Sligo are so lucky to have healthcare workers like them."

They say the care and love that Margaret received during her illness helped her through it, and put her family at ease knowing that their sister and daughter was in such good care during a scary time.

They added: "Thanks to the marvellous staff on medical south who are working under abnormal and difficult circumstances who made Margaret feel loved and cared for every minute of every day of those three weeks while offering us time to FaceTime Margaret and keep us updated with her progress.

"We on behalf of Margaret want to say thank you to the staff of Medical South for working under enormous strain and risk to help people through this with dignity, compassion,and care. Your selfless commitment and sacrifice during this global pandemic is a shining example to people of Sligo."

Margaret is looking forward to getting home to Tubbercurry soon.

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