Sunday 16 June 2019

Long overdue works opens up possibilities

Paul Deering reports on long overdue works at the city centre's largest car park at Wine St

No works have been carried out on the car park in over 20 years but a major resurfacing work has just been completed on the city centre's oldest and biggest car park.

The works have opened up the possibility of the car park being made available for public gatherings in the future such a concerts.

At one stage the car park was the centre of a long drawn out and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to site a major shopping complex there but it has now been firmly re-established as a car park.

Years of complaints from motorists and pedestrians alike over the quality and nature of the surface have finally been heeded with a €100k makeover.

The old surface was crumbling so bad it was near impossible for shoppers to wheel trolleys while the narrow spaces meant plenty of scratches and dents for frustrated motorists who also had to contend with protruding bases for light stands which were invariably struck.

Phase one of the car park's resurfacing works was completed early on Monday with contractors having worked through the night.

During that time three car parking isles were planned out, resurfaced, relined and available for use by the public by 9am on Tuesday.

"We have very much minimised the impact on the business community and the public by scheduling the works in this way.

"We have received a positive response from the business community who recognised that the work was necessary and acknowledged the efforts the Roads Department did in attempting to minimise disruption," said a County Council spokesperson.

Phase two of the works was carried out between 3pm Tuesday to 9am Wednesday.

The project has also seen the upgrading of public lighting to LED, drainage improvements, and an increase in designated parking spaces for disabled drivers from five to ten.

The actual size of the parking spaces has also been increased reflecting the fact that vehicle sizes have become bigger over the past decade.

There are also wider vehicle circulation isles and a clearly delineated pedestrian route through the car park from Johnston's Court shopping centre over towards Wine Street has been created.

Sligo Champion