Thursday 20 June 2019

Local support group for polio survivors

The National Polio Register is a new initiative by Polio Survivors Ireland aiming to find out how many polio survivors there are in Ireland. They are inviting people who had polio as a child to join the National Polio Register. The group estimates there is 7.000 polio survivors living in Ireland. Despite this, less than 1,000 are members of the organisation.

They have consulted with their members to see what the main concerns are for polio survivors as they continue to age.  It is vital that they are not forgotten as a population, and that statuary planning for medical care and social welfare benefits take into account their needs relating to polio. They encourage all polio survivors to register to help them find out how many are still in Ireland. 

Many will develop late effects of Polio or Post Polio Syndrome.  The group is there to help if that happens. People who are already members of Polio Survivors Ireland do not need to sign the Polio Register, as they are automatically included in this campaign. 

To register, fill in the Polio Register form online at or call 01 889 89 20. Printed forms, still available in some medical centres can be posted to Polio Survivors Ireland, 319 Capel Building, Mary's Abbey, Dublin 7 .

For more see or call 018898920.

Sligo Champion