Wednesday 15 August 2018

Local pharmacist nominated for award

Sligo Community Pharmacist Joel Duffy has been nominated for a prestigious national award, which could name him The Pharmaton People's Pharmacist of the Year 2018.

Pharmacists are increasingly the first point of call for the public on health issues and are often consulted before GP's or hospitals. Many pharmacists now offer more services such as delivery services, blood pressure and cholesterol testing and trusted medical advice free of charge.

The Irish Pharmacy Awards provide a unique platform from which to reward and distinguish the important role pharmacists play in the medical community. Each finalist has been nominated for the award by their local community for their continued excellence of service throughout the years.

Based in Markievicz Pharmacy, Rathquarter, Sligo, Joel has been nominated and selected for the finalist shortlist due to his hard work, genuine love for his job and helping the people who need it the most. One notable story included how he went above and beyond his call of duty to help and support the family of a nine-year-old girl who had been diagnosed with cancer. Joel always took extra time going through prescriptions, calling them multiple times to see if they needed anything and being a real support to the family

Anne Marie Frizzell, mother to Erica who was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma said: "I had never really used a pharmacy before Erica was diagnosed but I found Joel fantastic. He explained everything, I could ring him to order things in and it was never a problem. He linked with my GP and they got everything in order and sorted out all of the paperwork. It took so much pressure off me and I never felt that nothing was too much for him. He would even ring up when Erica was coming to the end of certain drugs in case I needed to reorder them. The whole team were great, even when Erica came in she was welcomed, not patronised. They even got her a little present at Christmas."

She said: "No question was treated as stupid or dismissed and the questions I didn't know to ask were answered. He didn't know Erica before, but he came on this journey with us and he walked with us."

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