Monday 17 June 2019

Lidl set to knock and rebuild store

Lidl’s existing store in Cranmore. Pic: Donal Hackett
Lidl’s existing store in Cranmore. Pic: Donal Hackett

Lidl are set to demolish and totally rebuild their supermarket in Cranmore.

The German food discount chain was given the thumbs up from Sligo County Council this month.

They will now knock the existing supermarket and build a completely new foodstore and off-licence much closer to Cranmore Road than the existing store.

The vehicular entrance will be relocated under the plan and better access for pedestrians with two new pedestrian entrances proposed off Cranmore Road.

Planning and Development Consultants TBP told planners it will be a 'like for like replacement.

Lidl is replacing many of the older stores around the country to a much more contemporary look and operation.

The main changes are more substantial storage areas, more staff space and staff offices, improved staff canteen and a more clear floor area for customers.

Sligo Champion