Friday 18 January 2019

Left €9k worth of cannabis on seat

Put drugs under his jacket when Garda approached car

A 25 year old man who was transporting cannabis worth over €9,000 on the back seat of the car he was driving has been jailed for a year at Sligo Circuit Court.

The term was imposed on Glen McDermott of Knappaghmore, Second Sea Road, Sligo who admitted possessing 490.7 grammes of cannabis when stopped in the centre of Sligo on November 8th 2016.

Garda Fahy told the court he saw a car being driven erratically at Stephen Street and put on the patrol's car blue lights before the vehicle eventually stopped after travelling for some distance.

There were two people in the car, both of whom appeared nervous. The female passenger asked could she go and she was allowed to.

The cannabis was found in a plastic bag and when asked about it, the defendant replied that he'd "smoke that in a week."

When interviewed subsequently after his arrest, McDermott declined to answer any questions. The father of one, has ten previous convictions.

In reply to Mr Keith O'Grady BL (defending) with Mr Tom MacSharry, solicitor agreed that the package was on the rear seat of the car and that the defendant then placed it under his jacket.

The Garda agreed the defendant was not a major player in the drugs scene and was transporting the drugs on the night in a car which wasn't his.

Mr O'Grady pleaded that ta probation report had placed the defendant at a medium risk of re-offending.

Judge Keenan Johnson said everyone knew what drugs were doing to society on a daily basis.

The defendant was an enabler and he had to take the consequences, said the Judge.

Mr O'Grady said the defendant was not drug free currently.

The defendant was called to the witness box and apologised for his behaviour. He said he took cannabis for pain in his neck which was broken following a serious accident.

He had to wear a head brace for a considerable period afterwards.

He said he did not wish to go to prison again having been jailed previously when a suspended sentence was activated.

"It's not a place you'd put a pitbull," he said.

He told Judge Johnson that he could give up cannabis if he tried.

Judge Johnson said he saw too much offending stemming from drugs which were causing too much havoc in society.

"The reality is you engaged in the transport of a significant amount of cannabis which was going to end up on the street," he told the defendant.

The Judge imposed a two year sentence but suspended the final year for a period of five years.

He was also ordered to enter a bond to keep the peace and be of good behaviour for five years.

McDermott is also to be placed under post release supervision by the Probation Service for one year.

Sligo Champion