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Kieran's wish for family being fulfilled

KIERAN GORMAN'S widow, Anne, has fulfilled the couple's wish to one day return to rear their family in Sligo.

She gave the Lavagh family the best Christmas they could have hoped for when she returned to Sligo in December, 2001 with her young sons, Barry and Gavin and baby, Kieran, who was born two months after his dad died in the Twin Towers attacks.

"Having Anne and the boys around gave us all a lift. It's a blessing to have them so close," John says.

An intensely private person, Tyroneborn Anne, has reared her three boys in the Mullinabreena area, protecting them from the glare of publicity that the family attracts every 9/11 anniversary.

Barry, who was just two-years-old when his father died, has just started secondary school at St. Attracta's College, while 11 years old Gavin and 10 years old Kieran Jnr. are pupils at Achonry National School. As they've grown, they've learned about the tragic circumstances of their father's death.

"Ann has told them at approriate times in their lives about what happened, and they have watched bits and pieces of documentaries about 9/11.

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" What memories they have of Kieran will be other people's stories and thoughts, and the good thing about that is that they will all be happy memories.

"As they get older, they will learn all about 9/11 through history classes at school, and they will know their family is part of it all.

" They know, too, about their dad's love of GAA, and we are delighted they are all following in his footsteps, playing their gaelic football with Mullinabreena and their soccer with Real Tubber. Kieran would have loved that," John says.