Friday 19 July 2019

Judge gives man found with €1k of cocaine a chance as he adjourns case

Judge Kevin Kilrane
Judge Kevin Kilrane

Emma Gallagher

A young man who was addicted to drugs but who it was said had since changed his life around was given a chance by Judge Kevin Kilrane at Sligo District Court.

Ryan Monaghan (27) of Breaghwy, Ballinful, Grange pleaded guilty to cocaine possession and also possession of cocaine for sale or supply at Lower Knox St, Sligo on March 3rd 2018.

Mr Gerard McGovern (solicitor) defending said his client said the value of the cocaine was €700 while the state say it is €1,000.

He said his client was addicted at the time but has since changed his life around.

Sergeant Derek Butler told the court that on March 3rd 2018 at 3:30am gardaí were on mobile patrol at Lower Knox St and observed a group of males acting suspiciously.

They found Monaghan with three individual wraps of cocaine in his possession, along with a weighing scales and a mobile phone.

Mr McGovern said his client had no notebook on him, there was nothing found on the phone and there was no money involved.

He told gardaí he had bought the three wraps and they cost €700.

In relation to the weighing scales, he said he was moving from his mother's house and he did have the scales with him.

Judge Kevin Kilrane said he was a bit hung up on the scales and Sergeant Butler said it was questionable to have scales at 3:30am in the morning.

He said the value of the cocaine was €1070.

Judge Kilrane asked Monaghan if he was working and he replied that he was employed in a call centre.

He has one young child with another child due in four weeks.

He told the judge that he admitted he was addicted to drugs at the time but that he is off it again.

Mr McGovern said he realised what a conviction would have for him into the future and the rest of his life.

The judge said he was satisfied that he was supplying to friends.

He said that a conviction for possession for sale and supply was a nasty one and didn't distinguish from his case or one involving thousands of euro.

He said to Monaghan that he will give him a chance and adjourned the matter for 12 months.

If his record is clean in June 2020 then he will strike out the possession for sale or supply charge but convict him on the possession charge.

Mr McGovern told his client that it was in his hands now and if he was caught with drugs in the next year that he would be in difficulty and he replied that he understood.

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