Tuesday 12 December 2017

'It's sort of peculiar to be a hero one day and then be signing on the next'

Sligo Rovers captain Danny Ventre
Sligo Rovers captain Danny Ventre

A League winning hero one day - signing on the dole the next.

That's the plight of Sligo Rovers captain, Danny Ventre, who is among a number of Rovers stars facing an uncertain future.

As contract talks for 2013 get under way, Ventre reluctantly accepts the ups and downs which are the lot of Irish-based soccer players.

"In England, players are on 52 weeks a year contracts but it's totally different in Ireland where we only have 40 week contracts," he points out

"It's not a nice situation but I've been in Ireland for the last six years so I've learned how to cope. "But' it's not very satisfactory. "I went into the dole office last week and it really killed me.

"Nobody likes to be signing on; everybody wants to have a job.

"It's sort of peculiar to be a hero one day and then be signing on the next.

"Hopefully, it's a situation I can get sorted out as soon as possible.

"I love it here in Sligo but we'll have to see what happens with the contract talks."

Ventre and his girlfriend, Charlotte, live in Riverstown and are well settled in the rural Sligo village.

He hopes to visit family and friends in Liverpool during the close season but that might not be possible if he has to sign on the dole in Sligo every week.

One way or the other, the couple will be spending Christmas in Liverpool

"Family is very important to us," he says. "My parents and some friends were in Sligo for the last match of the season.

"It was a wonderful occasion for Rovers and a great honour for me to captain the side.

"Having family and friends over from England made it all the more special," adds Danny.

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