Thursday 18 January 2018

IT Sligo stunned by death of popular student


IT Sligo President Terri Scott has paid tribute to the 19-year-old student who died following an assault in Omagh.

Jason McGovern from Tydavnet, County Monaghan was buried yesterday (Monday).

Professor Scott said it was with deep sadness that she learned of the tragic death of the second year student.

Professor Scott said: "Jason, who was studying on the BA (Hons) Performing Arts programme, was a very popular student and his death has saddened everyone at IT Sligo.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Jason's family and his many friends at this difficult time."

Students affected by this tragedy are being asked to make contact with the Student Counselling Service.

Meanwhile, a classmate of the student has described him as "everyone's best friend."

"Whenever you needed him, he was always there," Emma Dobson, from Easkey, told 'The Sligo Champion'.

Both were in the second year of the BA in the Performance Art course.

Emma told how they were both in the same class in first year in IT Sligo.

For the second year, he opted for the Design strand while she took the Acting strand.

Emma said she was "devastated" on hearing the news of his death.

She recalled: "Whenever you walked into the room he was always there.

"If he wasn't in class, you would really notice it."

Police have confirmed the student was assaulted twice, first at a pub on John Street in Omagh around midnight on Sunday and then about two hours later outside a nightclub at Kevlin Road, a short distance away.

He is said to have acted as a peacemaker in an altercation before being struck himself.

He had complained of headaches before going to bed.

He was found dead at a friend's house in Emyvale later on Monday.

The young man was part of a group of around 20 that travelled to Omagh for a night out on Sunday.

Four men and a juvenile, aged between 18 and 21, have appeared in court in Omagh on charges arising from the assault on the student.

They were released on bail.

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