Tuesday 12 December 2017

"It needs to be done now"

Angela O'Reilly lives with her son David just across the road from where the mini-bus full of the U16 boys footballing team crashed into a ditch on Monday April 3rd last.

"My dog was going mad so I sent my son out to see and he saw the bus in the ditch," she told this newspaper. It's the third accident on that road at Gleann in as many months. "We wanted to put landfill from work on our own property into that ditch but the Council wouldn't let us because they said they had no one to man the road while it was being done," she said.

"It can be done now. That seems to be the better option because how long will it take them to put up barriers? If that bus had gone any deeper it would have rolled two or three times. It's that dangerous. Those boys were very lucky. The bus could have been impaled on posts and barbed wire," she said.

"Cllr Thomas Healy did bring it to the table before. We've been trying to raise this for years. It's not a thing for 2018 or 2020. It needs to be done now. It was bad enough seeing those boys coming out of the ditch at 9pm at night...we don't want to see a fatality," she said.

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