Tuesday 21 November 2017

Incredible sights at Carrowmore

ONE OF the world's most incredible prehistoric sights will be evident at the Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery tomorrow, Wednesday.

At 'Samhain' (winterstart), the sun rises in a distinctive natural 'saddle' feature in the Ballygawley Mountains.

It rises directly in line with the direction of the chamber of Listoghil at Carrowmore-older than the Egyptian pyramids.

At the moment of sunrise, the underside of the tilted roof of the chamber vibrates in deep orange sunlight.

Along the centre of the slab, a long shadow is cast by a pointed stone at the front of the chamber.

As the sun rises this shadow moves gradually across the belly of the roofslab, shortening all the while, until it is blocked by the shadow of the walls.

'Samhain' begins at 7.15am.

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