Tuesday 21 May 2019

IDA's Oakfield plan submitted

Plans have been brought before Sligo County Council to start developing the long-awaited second IDA Business Park at Oakfield.

The IDA have applied to County Planners to start site development works, including new internal access roads which will link up with the new Western Distributor Road once it is built between St Mary's and Caltragh.

The new Western Distributor Road will run to the north of the site and will faciliate access to the park.

The proposed business park is to be connected to Irish Water sewers for both sufrace water and foul water.

County planners will decide on the plan by 4th November.

Members of the public can make submissions on the plan to Sligo County Council by 14th October.

Environmental consultants Moore Group Environmental Services maintain there would be no significant environmental effects from the Park.

Sligo Champion