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Hospital services put on hold due to Covid-19 set to resume

Plans to resume some of the hospital services which were put on hold in response to the COVID-19 pandemic are underway at Sligo University Hospital.

Hospitals are now seeing a reduction in the number of patients being admitted with COVID-19 and a reduction in the number of patients in the ICUs who are COVID-19 positive.

SUH is now planning to resume services incrementally while also protecting patients and staff by using virtual clinics where possible and appropriate, pre-screening patients before attending the hospital and ensuring social distancing and hand hygiene is practised.

Patients with urgent and time-critical cancers and surgeries are now being treated in the hospital and SUH has extended the range of procedures and appointments which is being delivered in Kingsbridge Hospital also.

Grainne McCann, General Manager at Sligo University Hospital said: "In terms of the activity that will resume in our hospital in the coming weeks, outpatients will continue to be undertaken with virtual clinics held by phone or via other technology solutions for the majority of patients. However, those who require face to face outpatient consultations will be advised of this and required to attend either SUH or Kingsbridge Hospital.

"Our Emergency Department has remained open throughout the pandemic and in the last few weeks we have seen an increase in non COVID-19 activity.

"We have separated our ED into two areas for patients with COVID-19 symptoms and those without and all the necessary precautions in relation to wearing of PPE are being taken to protect patients and staff. It is important that people experiencing symptoms such as chest pain or stroke do not delay seeking treatment.

"Similarly, if patients are worried about a possible sign of cancer, it is important to make contact with their GP to discuss," she said.

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