Monday 11 December 2017

'Guardian angel' of lost animals hailed a hero


Dorothy Kilgallen and Bonnie the dog
Dorothy Kilgallen and Bonnie the dog


SHE HAS been described as "a guardian angel to all lost, abandoned and rescued animals".

Now, the founder of Sligo Animal Rescue has been hailed as "a local hero" by Woman's Way magazine.

Having grown up on a farm, Dorothy Kilgallen has always loved animals.

And she has spent most of her life volunteering at animal rescues both in Ireland and abroad.

Four years ago she set up the Sligo Animal Rescue when the SPCA was closed down.

Now, Dorothy and her team of volunteer's work 24/7 helping animals in need.

As the rescue doesn't have premises, it relies on foster families to take in rescued animals

She said: "We don't have a premises.

"All our animals go into foster care.

"At the moment all our foster homes are over full, so when we get animals we will put out an appeal for new foster people to come on board."

She even calls on her brother-in-law from time to time to house large farm animals.

Dorothy is quick to praise the volunteers who help her keep the rescue going

She added: "Sligo Animal Rescue wouldn't be anything without the people who surround it.

"We have a team of foster people and fundraisers around us.

"And we have a vet who kindly donates her own time to us and she does our microchipping and vaccinating at a hugely reduced price."

Despite the support that the Sligo Animal Rescue receives it is constantly fundraising and looking for new foster homes.

"We're always looking for people to do fundraising and foster people.

"We have collection boxes around town, people are always giving us bedding and food for the animals on a regular basis, people are very, very good," Dorothy said.

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