Sunday 20 October 2019

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Ten suspected criminals come under the spotlight of CAB in Sligo/Leitrim

Paul Deering

If you know a neighbour who has unexplained wealth, goes on foreign holidays without any visible means of support, then the Criminal Assets Bureau wants to hear from you.

The gang busting body has seen its busiest year on record in 2018 including the targeting ten people in the Sligo/Leitrim Garda Division.

The head of CAB, Detective Chief Superintendent Pat Clavin has said the great majority of cases involve drug trafficking, followed by those who are involved in burglaries and robberies. They have also targeted people who have assets that are derived from robbery and burglaries.

The agency has the power to seize assets if officers believe they are the proceeds of crime and can then seek orders in the High Court.

CAB is keeping a closer eye on local gangs in counties like Sligo and now has some 350 asset profilers operating around the country who report back on unexplained wealth in their areas.

CAB is also asking the public for more tip-offs about people who may be living suspiciously lavish lifestyles. "They might see somebody who changes their car every year, who takes a number of expensive holidays to places like Las Vegas, to the States, to Dubai and always appears to have spending that is not in keeping with their earnings", said Det Chief Supt Clavin. The threshold for invoking the Proceeds of Crime Act has reduced from €13k to €5k.

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