Saturday 24 February 2018

Gardai outline the evidence gathered in murder case

Gardai outside the home of victim Eugene Gillespie in September 2012.
Gardai outside the home of victim Eugene Gillespie in September 2012.

MURDER accused Simon McGinley arrived at Sligo Garda Station on Friday, September 29th "somewhat upset and dishevelled", a court heard.

Mr Gillane SC said: "He indicated he was responsible for entering the home of Mr (Eugene) Gillespie and that he intended to rob him but that he didn't intend to kill him."

The trial was told that Mr Gillespie's home was 108 metres from the front door of Sligo Garda Station.

Evidence was also given that a sim card was located in shrubbery along the Garavogue River on September 27th.

Two days later a black Nokia phone was found in a drain after a manhole cover was removed.

Pictures of these scenes were taken by Garda James Gallagher of the Crime Scenes Investigation Unit at Sligo Garda Station.

Garda Gallagher also took a picture of a panel on the front door of the Sligo Family Resource Centre on September 27th.

A partial show mark was located on the door panel which was removed.

Garda Gallagher also went to a vacant premises at High Street.

Inside the door a pair of white socks had been found.

Detective Garda Mairead Crowley, attached to Garda Headquarters, took a picture of an envelope in Mr Gillespie's home.

A footprint was found on the envelope which was close to the fireplace in the sitting room.

Other photographs were taken of the inside of the house by Det Garda Crowley.

These included a wooden candlestick holder located in a drawer and broken glass and what appeared to be hair on the floor.

There was also a broken chair in the living room along with a set of dentures which were red in colour.

Detective Garda Seamus O'Donnell of the Garda ballistics section said a white envelope was found with a footwear mark and the word 'Reebok' was visible on it.

He said the living room of Mr Gillespie's house was "like a bomb hit it".

"Every drawer was open, every cabinet door was open, there was broken furniture" and a large blood stain.

A newsagent said McGinley came into his shop on Stephen Street and was looking at the headlines in the Sunday newspapers on September 23. Alan Lyons said he knew the accused because his family live around the corner from his shop.

Mr Lyons told the court the accused said something along the lines of "scumbags that done something like that."

Garda Eamon McDonnell said he viewed CCTV footage from a bar in the town on September 19, 2012.

He observed a man he believed was McGinley walking from Bridge Street to Thomas Street and he was fiddling with something in his hands. He told the court he observed the man throwing something into shrubbery.

Gda McDonnell said he later went out to the scene and found a sim card from a mobile phone.

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