Monday 19 February 2018

Gardai needed back-up for Tower Hill incident

Man pleads guilty to assault following fist fight

Pat Ward
Pat Ward

Two Gardai had to leave an incident at a Ballymote housing estate and call for back-up. They returned and arrested Pat Ward (24) who lives at 16 Tower Hill in the town.

The incident occurred on March 18th last when a large crowd had gathered in the estate.

Two Gardai went there and saw Ward in the street verbally abusing another person.

He was directed to leave but he called the Gardai rats and scumbags.

The Gardai left but returned with assistance and arrested Ward.

Ward appeared at Sligo District Court last Thursday where he pleaded guilty to several public order offences.

He also admitted assaulting John McDonagh at O'Connell Street, Sligo on June 21st and with engaging in threatening behaviour.

Inspector Gerry Connolly said Ward got into a fist fight with McDonagh and traffic was obstructed.

Both men were arrested.

On May 14th Gardai found Ward in a derelict building and he was unco-operative.

He admitted a charge of entering a building with intent to commit an offence.

On April 1st at 12.35am Ward was drunk and shouting at Tower Hill.

He had been fighting earlier with his brother and was verbally abusive to Gardai.

Ward was also before the court on a number of charges to which he is pleading not guilty.

These include allegations of criminal damage to a car at Tower Hill on April 6th .

He is also facing charges of assaulting his wife, Ellen and with breaching a barring order in July and August this year.

Ellen Ward told the court she didn't want to go ahead with her complaints.

She admitted she made a statement to Gardai on April 6th about damage to a car.

"Yes, but I don't want to go ahead with it.

"As I said I don't want to go ahead.

"I'm withdrawing everything," she said.

Inspector Gerry Connolly made an application to treat Ms Ward as a hostile witness.

Judge Kevin Kilrane said the charges were serious and if the prosecution wished to proceed there was a procedure to be followed.

The Inspector said he wasn't in a position to proceed as he understood the cases were not listed for hearing.

The Judge adjourned all matters for one week, including the offences to which Ward pleaded guilty for sentencing.

"I'll leave it to the Inspector having heard what he has heard whether he will proceed or not," said the Judge referring to the charges where Ellen Ward is a witness.

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