Saturday 17 August 2019

Gardaí urging public to be wary about bogus Revenue texts

Gardaí in Sligo are urging people not to respond to fraudulent text messages purporting to be from Revenue which then ask for people's bank details.

The text message has a link to what appears to be the legitimate Revenue website but it in fact is not. Gardaí said they have received reports of an unsolicited text message being sent with the sender details displaying as 'REVENUE'.

The message outlines that a refund is available and is allegedly sent by the 'ROS.Team' or the Revenue Online team.

When the injured party clicks the Hyperlink embedded in the text message they are brought to what appears to be a legitimate ROS (Revenue Online) website and there are numerous text boxes seeking the injured parties' details including Name, DOB and Bank Details.

Gardaí said the fraudulent website is well made with all associated colours, images and text as used in the legitimate ROS website.

"An Garda Síochána would advise that you do not click the hyperlink and delete this message from your phone," a spokesperson said.

Sligo Champion