Wednesday 21 February 2018

Funding shortage impeding disability grant applications

Cllr Michael Clarke
Cllr Michael Clarke

People with brain cancer and loss of eyesight are not getting the house improvement grants they applied for because of a shortage of funding.

And according to Sligo councillor Michael Clarke, new applications for disabled and older people's grants will not be accepted for the next two years because of a backlog.

Clr Clarke said: "This is an issue very dear to my heart.

"I have been in houses of people who had cancer of the brain and who lost their eyesight.

"There are windows and doors waiting to go into houses for two years.

"I would ask the council to go back to the department and get proper funding to deal with this.

"People come out of hospital with leg amputations.

"The Occupational Therapist comes out and says this should be done and that should be done.

"But there are no applications being accepted at the moment.

"And there won't be applications accepted for the next two years because there is a backlog.

"We need more than €1m a year and we are putting only €460,000 on it."

Chairman Clr Joe Queenan: "We have to address this as a priority."

"Clr. Margaret Gormley: "I would appeal to the powers that be that whatever applications are there be approved."

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