Wednesday 26 June 2019

Engineers go into the Foxes Den

Irish Water recently opened the doors of the Foxes Den Water Treatment Plant to a group from Engineers Ireland.

The visit, organised by the North West regional branch of Engineers Ireland was attended by a group of over 20 engineers from the locality.

On the day, the engineers had the opportunity to view at first hand the state of the art treatment plant which ensures a safe supply of water to homes and businesses for over 11,000 people in Sligo.

The Foxes Den Water Treatment Plant has undergone a significant upgrade since the inception of Irish Water. The upgrade had also led to the treatment plant in Cairns Hill being decommissioned, and the scheme being removed from the EPA's remedial action list, a list of schemes that the EPA deem to be at risk.

Anthony Skeffington, Irish Water's Regional Operations Lead stated: "This is a vital piece of infrastructure for Sligo.

"It provides water for businesses and homes and is essential for social and economic growth.

"Visiting sites and seeing infrastructure in operation is hugely beneficial to engineering professionals who are, or will be, involved in the design, construction and operation of our future infrastructure.

"The visit to the Foxes Den plant is informative, and gives a valuable insight into how engineers and today's technology turns raw, untreated water from Lough Gill into clean, safe drinking water which feeds the taps of Sligo and its environs."

Sligo Champion