Tuesday 18 June 2019

Emergency Dept 'is too small' - Cllr Healy

It has been claimed that the emergency department at Sligo University Hospital is not fit for purpose.

The claim has been made by Councillor Thomas Healy.

"When it was originally built it was to cater for twenty thousand patients, now with an annual increase of one thousand patients it is catering for forty thousand patients annually.

"The unit is too small and narrow especially with so many patients lying on trolleys.

"Other hospitals with new emergency departments have similar numbers of patients on trolleys but at least they have better facilities and room.

"Plans have been drawn up and agreed for the new emergency department that Sligo desperately needs, the Government have refused to fund this much needed new facility.

"Once again we are being left to fall behind other areas of the country for vital infrastructure," said Cllr Healy.

He added that people being treated on trolleys due to overcrowding not only suffered discomfort, lack of privacy and lack of sleep but their recovery was greatly hampered as they are also more open to infections."

Sligo Champion