Wednesday 22 May 2019

Eir strongly denies issues exist at its Rathedmond site

A spokesperson for eir has vehemently denied claims about issues at its Rathedmond site and said they are 'disappointed to see such criticism from a former employee'.

Responding to claims fromformer employee Christopher Tagaki about understaffing and other issues at the site, eir said figures quoted by him were incorrect'.

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"The figures quoted are incorrect. We have reached initial capacity in Sligo and have filled all agent positions, over 200 roles," outlined a statement from eir.

Mr Tagaki told The Sligo Champion that on the same day he left his role, 23 others also left the site, a figure which the eir spokesperson strongly denied and claimed the site would not have that level of turnover.

Replying to figures suggested by Mr Tagaki of close to a 50 percent turnover in staff at the site since it opened in October last, the spokesperson again denied this.

"We will recruit where attrition occurs, for example, when an employee is promoted to team lead or moves on to another eir role, which is as planned."

Responding to claims from Mr Tagaki about staff not receiving bonuses they were promised, the spokesperson outlined how bonuses are decided on at the site, and highlighted 'performance-related criteria'.

"Performance-related criteria are applied for bonuses this is standard business practice."

Adding, "Given that the centre is new, we had committed that employees would receive the KPI element of their performance related bonus on a pro-rata basis linked to the start date. For example, an employee who started in October would receive more than an employee who started a month later.

The spokesperson went on to outline that new employees were informed of the performance related bonus scheme and it was outlined there was a number of qualifying factors for achieving 'a percentage of that bonus'.

"Factors include employee start date, performance and attendance which are standard KPIs for any such incentive. Based on that criterion 100% of the first team have received a bonus." Mr Tagaki noted he received a bonus of €200, but claims he and others were verbally promised by managament that the full bonus of €1,000 was to be paid.

Mr Tagaki, who has worked in previous customer care roles cited two-week training times as another issue and described them as 'ridiculous' at the site.

Addressing this claim, eir stated that training consists of two full weeks in classroom training, followed by two weeks 'live environment training' which they added is 'fully supported by team leaders and development staff'.

It was outlined that on-going refresh training takes place thereafter.

"We are only six months into the creation of our new centre, it is now at capacity and the new teams are doing incredible work, we are seeing our call wait times and quality of care improving every day."

Eir brought its customer service back in-house, as they believed that having all customer-facing roles filled by direct eir staff would lead to a better experience and outcome for customers.

When questioned in relation to delays in waiting times for customers seeking assistance, eir admitted customers have been experiencing longer wait times.These delays were put down to the fact the company is continuing to transition to their new call centres in Cork, Limerick and Sligo

Eir apologised for the delays but stated, 'We firmly believe these changes will result in a better experience for eir's customers in the long term. Each week more than 40 new agents complete training and begin taking calls, with performance improving every day'.

The Durkin family in Ballinacarrow has finally got their landline connection restored after over nine months without the service but it only lasted for a day!

Gerry, Kathy and Nigel Durkan's landline connection with the phone provider did not work since the beginning of February and despite numerous attempts to resolve the matter, the family and public house was left without the service.

During the period of no service, Kathy Durkin, who is in her seventies was left without the use of her panic alarm as a result, which, her son Nigel said had impacted on the entire family. Not used to mobile phones, Kathy and her husband Gerry preferred to use the landline making orders for the pub.

Speaking to The Sligo Champion since the reconnection last Thursday, Nigel Durkin said he and his parents couldn't believe when the landline was reconnected.

"I nearly had a heart attack when the phone started ringing." BUt it's all back to square one after the line went dead again after a day!

Asked if his family will continue to use eir as their phone provider in future, Nigel said it will depend on whether the company continue to seek payment for line rental during the period theyb had no service.

"If they still want that money then we'll be changing company. Not one eir person kept their word. It's a relief for my mother," said Mr Durkin.

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