Friday 15 December 2017

Eamon keeping positive in tough trading times

Eamon Cunningham on Grattan Street.
Eamon Cunningham on Grattan Street.

It's one of the shortest streets in the city but it hasn't been immune to vacant dwellings.

The most obvious are the former First Active building society on the corner of O'Connell Street and the former Spectra shop.

Businessman Eamon Cunningham who owns EJ Menswear on the street says it's not nice to see empty buildings.

He said: "We're lucky in a way that Grattan Street isn't too affected.

"These are tough times we are in at the moment."

Eamon isn't too despondent and is hopeful of an upturn.

"Over a period of time retail will come back, more likely when rents are more realistic than they are at present.

"Business opportunities will come along again," he said.

Eamon is full of praise for recent street pavement works on the street by the Borough Council.

"That's very positive and we need a bit more of that.

"A few more parking spaces have also been introduced and that's welcome.

"It was worth the bit of pain while they were digging up the old footpaths," he said.

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