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Don't pay any water charges, says Bree


Irish Water application packs should be returned to the company.

That's according to independent councillor Declan Bree.

He said: "Thousands of unreturned forms will send a clear message that the people of this country are opposed to double taxation.

"If you decide not to sign up, and you don't pay, they cannot disconnect your water supply.

"Unlike the Property Tax, the water bill cannot be deducted from your income.

"Irish people currently pay €1.2 billion for water through their taxes. The imposition of the proposed water tax is demanding that people pay on the double.

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"Attempts to portray the new tax as being about water conservation is total nonsense.

"The creation of the Irish Water is about paving the way towards privatisation of our water services.

"If the water tax is successfully imposed, the next step will be to sell off the service, just as has happened with the bin collection service."

Householders across Sligo received water information packs in the post last week which included details of how to apply for discounts and water saving measures.

The charges kicked in on the October 1st but the first bills won't arrive in the letterbox until January 2015.

The charges will be capped for the first nine months, the commission for energy regulation announced last week.

A family of two adults and two children will pay an annual water bill of around €278.