Sunday 26 May 2019

Don't get caught out by the tide!


An appeal has been made to drivers to check the tide times if intending to drive across the strand to Coney Island.

Two cars were destroyed after the drivers left it too late in returning from the island on Saturday afternoon last and had to be rescued.

Sligo Bay Lifeboat was tasked by the coastguard just after 5pm to two cars which were caught by the tide when returning from Coney Island.

"Thankfully all persons made it to shore safely. However, the cars were not so fortunate. The lifeboat was then stood down and returned to the station," said a spokesperson for Sligo Bay Lifeboat.

With the an increase in traffic expected as the summer beckons with late, bright evenings, drivers are reminded before bedeciding to visit Coney Island to please check the tide times.

Many drivers have been caught out over the years by the quickness of the incoming tide.People check the tide by texting Coney to 51155 and it will give the safe times to cross. It is also important to drive close to the stone pillars that dot the route to the island.

Sligo Champion