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Dead animals are dumped at scenic Ladies Brae

A man came across a number of dead animals while out cycling on the scenic Ladies Brae road according to Councillor Thomas Healy

"I received a call from this concerned resident who came across dead animals which included calves, lambs and sheep just off the road on the most scenic route in County Sligo.

"I visited the site with the man and there were lambs all over the place which looked to be eating by something," stated Cllr Healy.

"There was one pile which had a number of the animals in it. I counted seven calves, four sheep and 13 lambs. It looked like they were dumped there as there was evidence of tyre tracks.

"This is a sad state when we have people going about dumping dead animals in a public place.

"The Department of Agriculture need to step up to the mark and address this situation," said Cllr Healy.

GardaĆ­ have been informed and Sligo County Council environmental services also to see if the site can be cleaned up and to request if the county vet can visit the site.

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