Friday 23 August 2019

Daily concerns at dangerous, busy junction on the N17

Sligo County Council meeting

Sorcha Crowley

The dangers of the Ballymote junction off the N17 has risen again, prompting the Council to move a motion making the upgrading of the N17 a new priority.

Cllr Dara Mulvey called on the Council for a total new road marking layout of the junction at Annaghmore in the interests of safety.

"This extremely busy junction on the N17 is a daily issue of concern for commuters, with a recent traffic survey indicating over 50,000 vehicles use this road each week and speeds recorded well over the official limit," he told members.

He said local residents also reported an increase in traffic on local roads to avoid the N17 junction.

"Having met with commuters and local residents, a new road marking layout of the junction is urgently required to make safe and ease the build-up of traffic for daily commuters," he added.

"I want to welcome the hard work done by the N17 action group. People are daily taking their lives into their own hands," he said.

"If the TII (Transport Infrastructure Ireland) realigned it, it would make it safer," he said. He added that motorists were now starting to use another smaller road, leaving it in "a more dangerous position."

"I've sat on the roadside in a resident's tractor there - when they tell you the only time they can cross the road is at night when they can see the oncoming lights there's something wrong.

"There's no heed on the 100kph - I think they are oblivious to it," he said. Cllr Michael Clarke said the late Cllr Margaret Gormley had spoken of the dangers and it was incumbent on the newly-elected Council to make the N17 a priority in relation to funding from TII. Cllr Gerard Mullaney said it was "almost a case that you would need traffic lights to manage the traffic" at the junction.

Cllr Paul Taylor supported Cllr Clarke's motion to make the N17 a priority and said the speed limit needed to be reduced along that section for the sake of the people living in the area and motorists using it.

Cllrs Joe Queenan, Marie Casserly, Martin Connolly and Chris MacManus supported the motion which Cathaoirleach Cllr Tom MacSharry passed "in the spirit of Margaret Gormley."

Sligo Champion