Saturday 16 December 2017

Cregg House campaign takes to the streets

MORE than 2,000 people take to the streets of Sligo in support of Cregg House, facing an uncertain future after operators Wisdom Services are left with a €1.3 million shortfall in their budget and raising concerns for over 200 people with an intellectual disability who use services there.

SLIGOMAN Barry Gildea gives the true meaning to the phrase 'hanging from the rafters' as he abseled from the roof of the Aviva Stadium in Dublin. He was taking part in a unique fundraiser for Concern.

AS the 100th anniversary of the death of Abraham 'Bram' Stoker is celebrated, Sligo is told it should make more of the 'Dracula' connection as mother of the internationally-renowned author was born, and apparently buried, here. Cloonacool man, Dennis McIntyre is founder of the Stoker Dracula International Organisation outlines how tales of the 1832 cholera epidemic in Sligo helps inspire the writing of 'Dracula.'

TRIBUTE are paid to the former trade union official, Labour party councillors, three-times Mayor and Freeman of the Borough, Tommy Higgins, who dies in his 89th year.

DESPITE 29 fatalities in 30 years on the six-mile stretch of the N4 between Doorla and Castlebaldwin, a much-hoped for upgrade to a dual carriageway is abandoned for now, with the latest plan being that the road be developed as a single-lane carriageway standard only.

"IF we need Bull McCabe there, we will get him," Councillor Thomas Colleary tells a meeting of Sligo County Council as a major battle shapes up in Colloney over fears that the Council is considering moves to provide Traveller housing on land opposite the Owenmore Gaels GAA pitch-that local people had hoped to use as allotments.

MASKED raiders steal €30,000 cash at the home of a Sligo businessman near Drumfin.

THERE's double sadness for singer Tommy Fleming and the Fleming family as his mother, Annie (83) and father Paddy (86) pass away within hours of each other.

IT SLIGO's strategy of increasing its intake of international students receives a significant boost following the signing of an agreement between the Institute and Henan University of Science and Technology in China.

THE Abbott plant at Ballytivnan is evacuated following a leak from a gas tank adjacent to the factory. The leak is contained and the building declared safe by the fire service.

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