Thursday 22 March 2018

Cranmore stand off

Cranmore residents face up to Irish Water workers
Cranmore residents face up to Irish Water workers

A stand off between local residents and Irish Water resulted in workers not installing meters in Cranmore.

Up to 30 homeowners decided to hold a peaceful protest on Tuesday after workers arrived.

Jude Gilligan has been living in Devins Drive for almost 35 years.

He said that the workers came before 8.00am to install meters.

As they were starting work, locals got together and decided to stage a protest.

"We decided that we were not allowing them to go ahead.

"There was a stand off and Inspector Colm Nevin and Sergeant Philip Maree came. We held the workers up for the best part of a day.

"The workers were very nice and stepped back. The reason we were protesting was because we don't want meters and having to pay for water."

A meeting with residents and Gardai took place on Wednesday night in Cranmore community centre.

Irish Water has agreed to send two representatives to meet with residents from each estate shortly.

Sligo Champion