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Woman broke Leitrim pub’s window with her stilettos on New Year’s Eve


Leitrim Village.

Leitrim Village.

Leitrim Village.


A woman used her stiletto shoes and a stool to break a window in Leitrim village while in an intoxicated state, Carrick-on-Shannon District Court was told.

Sinead Relihan, Carrownadarbeny, Geevagh pleaded gullty to a charge of criminal damage at Carthy’s Bar, Leitrim Village.

She also pleaded guilty to charges of being drunk and a danger to herself and others and to using threatening and abusive behaviour on December 31 last year.

Sergeant John O’Reilly told the court that gardai got a report about a woman in an intoxicated state in Leitrim village and who was refusing to leave a premises.

There was a strong smell of alcohol from the defendant, and she became abusive towards gardai, the court heard.

She told the officers to “f***k off and also called them other abnusive terms.

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The Sergeant added that the defendant had broken a window with her high heels and a stool.

Defence Solicitor Tom MacSharry said that€100 of compensation was in court for the window.

The court heard the defendant had a previous conviction for a refusal in a drunk driving case in 2019 and had been banned from driving for four years.

Mr MacSharry said these matters happened over the Christmas period after the defendant had got some disturbing medical news.

She was a woman of 40 who has had difficulties with alcohol in the past, but to her credit, had been sober for quite some time but sadly had a relapse.

The defendant also had underlying mental health issues and was on Disability Allowance.

She accepted that these were very serious matters and had no ill will towards the gardai.

On her own initiative she contacted Garda Mannion and made a full apology which was accepted.

She was pleading guilty, had compensation in court and was very embarrassed and very remorseful.

Mr MacSharry said that other than these two matters, this was “out of character” and the defendant was “most apologetic”.

He asked the court to be as lenient as possible.

In noting the previous conviction in 2019 and the 2021 matter, Judge Sandra Murphy said there was a pattern of alcohol here.

Mr MacSharry said the defendant had a long spell of sobriety and she had got some troubling news and had a relapse.

Her memory of what happened on the night “was poor”.

Judge Murphy said alcohol was the underlying issue here and she wanted a Probation Report.

The case was adjourned to June 21 for a Probation Report.