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Sligo man jailed for four months for having drugs for sale


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A man,who pleaded guilty to drugs offences, has been jailed for four months, at the district court.

Gavin Kilgallon (32) of St Edward’s Terrace pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of cannabis resin at Hillside Adventure Park, Forthill on June 30 2020.

He also pleaded guilty to having 100 Alprazolam tablets for sale or supply on Markievicz Road on May 30 2020.

And he pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of Delorazepam and having Delorazepam for sale or supply at St Edward’s Terrace on August 23 2020.

Sergeant Derek Butler told the court that Garda Dolan was on mobile patrol at 10.20 pm on May 30 2020 at Markievicz Road when he saw the defendant on his mobile phone.

He seemed agitated and when searched €200 worth of Alprazolam was found on him. On June 30, gardai got a report about a drunk male at Hillside Adventure Park, Forthill.

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When searched, €505 of cannabis was found on the defendant. On August 23, at 6pm gardai got a call about the defendant who was drunk at St Edward’s Terrace.

The defendant was abusive, had a crutch and he threw it, narrowly missing Garda McNulty. Gardai found Delorazepam tablets to the value of €446 on the defendant when he was arrested. He had 88 previous convictions.

Defence Solicitor Mr Gerard McGovern said the defendant had spent a lot of time in prison.

He lived with his father and there was nothing his father would not do for him, and they were quite close and got on well usually.

The defendant was a nice young man but had major addiction problems and has had various treatments. He wanted to put his best foot forward to plead guilty to all the offences before the court to see some light at the end of the tunnel so he can start his life all over again and get his addiction problems dealt with.

The defendant co-operated fully with gardai and was under the influence of his addiction when these matters arose.

Judge Vincent Deane jailed the defendant for four months on the charge of having Delorazepam for sale or supply on August 23 at St Edward’s Terrace.

The remaining charges were taken into consideration. The court heard the defendant had been in custody since last October.

Judge Deane declined a request from Mr McGovern to back date the sentence to then.