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Council confident that major projects will be completed

Sligo County Council is confident that a number of projects that have begun the construction phase will be completed, despite financial concerns.

Director of Services Tom Kilfeather told members that he is confident that projects which have started, or have already been allocated funding, will be completed.

He expects that the 2020 roads programme will proceed as planned, but the 2021 programme could be affected by the financial implications of coronavirus.

Mr Kilfeather also said that the council's outdoor staff were due to return to work on Monday.

It has been a challenge, he said, to adapt to the new normality of working and this required a number of changes in terms of social distancing, travel and staff engagement. He also outlined the way the council has engaged effectively with other organisations, including Sligo University Hospital (SUH). Mr Kilfeather said that SUH had contacted the council for assistance with traffic, and the council has already provided approximately 1700 man hours to the hospital, and will continue this service until the end of May.

Mr Kilfeather also said the council had noticed more leaks and bursts had occurred on the water system since the lockdown, as more and more people were at home.

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