Wednesday 16 October 2019

Confusion for driver at Rockwood Parade

Paul Deering

A pedestrian zone or not? That's the question being posed about Sligo's Rockwood Parade following concerns about cars, mainly visitors, travelling along the narrow riverside route in the centre of town not realising it's a dead end.

Indeed, drivers turning on to Rockwood Parade from Bridge Street are under the impression it's a through road as there are no signs up to inform them otherwise.

Several cars a week are driving onto Rockwood Parade and are then having to reverse all the way back once they come to the end of the road and realise there is no exit.

It is a particular problem for tourists and visitors to the area as can be seen from the picture opposite.

In this case, the elderly driver had to reverse all the way back and then perform a u-turn before exiting back on to Thomas Street.

Drivers face a very awkward manoeuvre in reversing particularly at peak times when it is busy with pedestrians.

The matter is being taken up by Councillor Tom MacSharry who has a motion down yesterday's meeting of the County Council.

He has also been in touch with the engineering staff about erecting signs at the entrance to Rockwood Parade advising drivers there is no through road.

"It is becoming an issue and I would like to see it sorted soon before the tourist season kicks off in earnest over the next couple of weeks.

"The erection of a couple of signs should suffice but it is something the council will have to monitor to see that this is effective. It is a pressing health and safety issue," he said.

Sligo Champion