Friday 22 March 2019

Clean water for Calry at long last

A 19 year long problem of unsuitable water supply for houses in the Fivemilebourne area of Calry is finally being resolved.

Work has begun by Irish Water in replacing old cast iron pipes and which should be completed early in the New Year. It will bring clean drinking water to over 30 homes.

Councillor Thomas Healy recalls campaigning on the issue for the past four years and has welcomed the new development.

"In 2014 residents in Fivemilebourne comprising 30 households brought me into their homes and showed me the quality of the water they were expected to drink and wash with.

"The water was filthy and brown, undrinkable and unusable for clothes washing.

"This was a longstanding issue which had not been adequately addressed and I was shocked at the condition of the water.

"I publicised the issue and raised it with both Sligo County Council and Irish Water.

"Following this the Council did flush out the entire system and this did provide some temporary improvement.

"However, we found out that the water pipe supply was the old cast iron system which was degenerating and very prone to leaks.

"Following consistent lobbying I was delighted to finally receive agreement from Irish Water that the entire system would be replaced with modern piping.

"This work commenced last Monday week and will take about two months to complete. The new system will be laid in parallel to the old one and will then be switched over to minimise any disruption of the supply.

"This will be a huge relief to households affected.

"The work is long overdue and will be transformational for the long suffering residents."

Sligo Champion